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by Matthew White and Ana Sanderson, with orchestral music by Paul Patterson.

Age range:
For 7-11 years

The story:
Mr Wolf thinks he’s a match for Little Red Riding Hood and her three little piggy pals and gobbles up Grandma – but his hair-raising antics will cost him his skin. And it's sweet Little Red Riding Hood herself who has the ace up her sleeve - or, to be frank - the pistol in her knickers.

The expandable cast list includes:

Little Red Riding Hood ~ sweet as pie with a deadly aim

Sniffy ~ our heroine's courageous canine chum

Wolf ~ big eyes, big ears, big appetite

Three little pigs ~ good hearted little guys on a secret mission

Grandma ~ wolfed!

Woodland animals ~ the good, the bad and the bugly

Chorus ~ anyone and everyone who wants to sing

Listen to the music*:
Click on the song titles in the list below to hear an audio sample.

Down to the woods

The chase (orchestral excerpt)

Whistling and waving

* audio samples supplied in mp3 format - if you do not have the software required to play these then you can find many suitable players at