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Three Little Pigs
by Matthew White and Ana Sanderson, with orchestral music by Paul Patterson

Age range:
For 7-11 years

Piggy Number Three is in a tight corner - Wolf has gobbled up his neighbours and now he's hammering at the door with a stick of dynamite in his hand. Who can Piggy call on for help? Sweet Miss Riding Hood, of course - the fearless wolf-slayer! But how is he to know that she fancies a pigskin handbag to go with her wolfskin coat…?

Expandable cast list includes:

Pig One ~ straw-brained and succulent

Pig Two ~ more brawn than brain

Pig Three ~ brings home the bacon but can he save his own?

Wolf ~ ravenous, boastful and full of hot air

Red Riding Hood ~ a fearsome fashionista with a coat and handbag to die for

Chorus ~ friends of the Pigs with plenty to say and sing.

Listen to the music:

Click on the sample song titles in the list below to hear them.

star Snouts and curly tails

star Wheeler-dealer piggy

star Perfectly marvellous me!

* audio samples supplied in mp3 format - if you do not have the software required to play these then you can find many suitable players at