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Roald Dahl’s Cinderella
by Helen MacGregor, Stephen Chadwick & Vladimir Tarnopolski

Age range:
For 7-11 years

The story:
As you’d expect, Cindy defies her Ugly Sisters, meets a magic fairy and lands a dance with the prince at the palace ball. So far, so good! But far from being the perfect gentleman, the prince turns out to a perfect beast and a dab hand at chopping off heads. The magic fairy grants Cindy one more wish but what or more accurately who will she choose?

Expandable cast list includes:

Cinderella ~ our hero

Ugly sisters ~ a terribly cruel pair

The prince ~ a handsome and charming snob

The magic fairy ~ good at arriving in the nick of time

The jam-maker ~ a heart of gold and a trusty wooden spoon

Narrators, rats, ball guests, townspeople, courtiers ~ the more the merrier

Chorus ~ anyone and everyone who wants to sing

Listen to the music:*
Click on the sample song titles in the list below to hear them.

song 1 tbc

song 2 tbc

song 3 tbc

* audio samples supplied in mp3 format - if you do not have the software required to play these then you can find many suitable players at