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Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
by Helen MacGregor and Stephen Chadwick, with orchestral music by Kurt Schwertsik

Age range:
For 7-11 years

The story:
On trial for her crimes, Goldilocks looks like the sweet little innocent who'd give us her last sweetie. Could she really be the brazen crook who stole the porridge from under the snouts of the self-respecting, harmless Bears? The Jury will decide (but who will have the last laugh?). Let the trial commence!

Expandable cast list includes:

Goldilocks ~ guileless or ghastly defendant in the dock

Judge ~ a wise and wily beast

The Three Bears ~ shocked and outraged new members of Neighbourhood Watch

Prosecution ~ hard-bitten and hungry for a guilty verdict

Defence ~ virtuoso pluckers of the heart strings

Jury ~ twelve good humans and beasts

Public gallery ~ partisan and proud of it

Chorus ~ anyone and everyone who wants to sing

Listen to the music:*
Click on the sample song titles in the list below to hear them.

Innocent or guilty?

We love porridge

Goldie, the Sneak (orchestral extract)

* audio samples supplied in mp3 format - if you do not have the software required to play these then you can find many suitable players at